The Milk

Why Choose Cloud Nine Farm Goat Milk?

Here it is ALL about the milk.  We pasteurize in small batches, at the lowest government required temperature, which means you are getting milk that is handled with the utmost care. We are able to cool the milk quickly immediately after milking or pasteurizing and store it below 40° which immensely influences the flavor for the better.

We are local! Cloud Nine Farm milk is produced in your own backyard, literally minutes from I-5 and the Felida/Salmon Creek/Ridgefield/Vancouver area. We are proud of our creamery and encourage you to make an appointment for a tour of our facility. 

Mark Milligan milking two goats in state of the art milking room

Mark milking the goats

Find us on the shelf at these fine grocery stores:


Mill Plain and Salmon Creek locations


Fisher’s Landing