The Farmers

Mark and Pandora in front of farm with pitchfork

Mark and Pandora, the farmers and owners of Cloud Nine Farm

The adventure began 10 years ago when two Portlanders — Mark and Pandora Milligan — took their first cheese making class right here in Clark County hosted at the WSU Extension office. Rabid to make cheese, they asked the instructor where they could get their hands on some fresh goat milk and were duly introduced

to a couple from the Portland area who “could probably help out in that regard.” That couple turned out to be the delightful Nancy and Ed Arcement of Abita Springs Farm, an urban micro-dairy in NE Portland only eight blocks from our home…we were enchanted with them, their “girls” and their operation. From that day on, we cultured a crazy idea into full-fledged dairy and creamery.

“Farm to fork,” “slow food,” “sustainability,” “pasture raised,” folks are keen to become more intimate with the sources of their food. Cloud Nine Farm values the opportunity to introduce our community to the fascinating world of dairy goats and the delicious milk and cheese they produce. To our delight, having the farm in a suburban setting has proven to be a magnet for neighbors to visit. We are passionate about sharing our love of food and what we have learned here on the farm in a way that sparks change.