Cloud Nine Farm dairy operation closing. 


We have decided, with deep regret, to close the dairy operation at Cloud Nine Farm as of September 2018.

We determined that to become an economically successful operation we would need to double or triple the number of milking does in production and that is not something we are able to do. 


Mark and Pandora want to thank all our customers who supported us over the years by purchasing our milk and cheese. We made a great product and we know our customers appreciate the hard work we put into the business seven days a week.

Thanks to Chuck’s Produce,  New Seasons, Zupans, Market of Choice and our restaurants: Garagiste,  Farrars Bistro, Sixth Avenue Bistro, and La Bottega, who all promoted our wonderful cheese.

We plan on selling a good portion of our herd but we will continue to do some breeding and will have a few kids available in the late spring of 2019.